2017.07.07 Press Release — IFFIZI Fashion for Bold and Fabulous Ladies

IFFIZI is made to measure fashion for bold and fabulous ladies, made in Nigeria, designed in Belgium. IFFIZI uses African fabrics and tailoring infused with European style. IFFIZI is a collection for women who embrace their own identity and want to dress with elegance, grace and a big smile. There is no ideal shape as Big Fashion would have us believe. IFFIZI puts women first, delivering exclusive, custom-made, clothes that fit women and not the other way around.

“IFFIZI” combines two different notions: Nigerian slang and centuries old European culture. The world-renowned UFFIZI gallery in Florence is home to a priceless collection of Renaissance art, in Yoruba, EFIZY means cool, trendy, stylish. African wax prints are omnipresent and common materials for clothing in Africa, particularly in West Africa. These prints are part of nonverbal communication among African women, and are named after personalities, cities, buildings, sayings or occasions. IFFIZI will use new, classic, vintage and custom-made prints.

IFFIZI supports local development and employment in Nigeria, one-third of the profits will be reinvested in youth employment schemes, training young tailors, providing skills development courses and master classes on the fashion industry.

IFFIZI is a global team of business, development, fashion and art professionals with 20 years of experience, each bringing a unique skill to this venture. IFFIZI is fashion fusion inspired by the positive impact of globalization and a new cultural identity across continents, race and colour. IFFIZI is produced in Nigeria, using African fabrics with design and styling by Sandra Vermuyten and her team of fashion professionals. Every six months, new fabrics and models will be presented, with a focus on executive women’s clothing, dresses and two-piece outfits, as well as cocktail dresses. IFFIZI will expand gradually with new designs while a number of classics will remain at the core of the collection.

IFFIZI will be active on all social media and through its website. We will also work with a network of Brand Ambassadors in cities around the world, where we will organize brand presentations and pop-up stores. The main target markets are Europe and the US.

IFFIZI Fabulous Founders - Quotes

Sandra Vermuyten says “IFFIZI is what I want to wear to work and to go out, feeling confident and feminine. IFFIZI exudes a positive: we are one people. Let’s make this world a brighter place”.

Moradeke Abiodun-Badru adds: “IFFIZI is based on fair trade and decent employment and will support the skills development of young African fashion professionals. How can we be “stewards of grace” to one another? By giving the “grace” of our good example to all around us” (Florence Nightingale).

Marzena Zuchowska-Sproule says: “IFFIZI is about empowering women and giving something back to society. Are you bold and fabulous too?”

Michael Peeters adds: “As one of the Fabulous Founders of IFFIZI, I want to lift this product to another level, giving it wings to fly in the 21st Century, through the use of revolutionary fabrics, hi-tech and innovative solutions to client experience”.

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